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S2 Ep68: Naked Violent Art On Our Roman Holiday

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Show Notes:
00:00               Jetlagged and ears still blocked.
01:05               Maggie’s mental checklist to get home.
03:15               Running for flight to Italy.
06:55               Luggage didn’t run fast enough!
11:30               Maggie’s half sleep dream.
13:00               When in Rome, walk! 
13:35               Eddie’s first visit to Rome since Assassin’s Creed.
16:08               We prefer beautiful gardens to violent Coliseum.
19:40               Trying to speak Italian.
25:17               Dan’s stoned, pot smoking, taxi driver.
26:10               Eating gluten free in Italy.
29:32               Time out from family time.
31:22               Making Dan’s weekly video in Italy.
33:40               Florence stair mastering and hidden passages.
34:50               Naked and violent art for your enjoyment.
39:55               The incredible talents of Michelangelo.
44:40               The Pope’s commissions and body on display.
50:35               Maggie’s drinking experience in Italy.

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