Mags & Dad's Wholesome Chaos podcast

S2 Ep71: A Flexible World is a Happier World

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Show Notes:
00:00     If dogs can stretch in public, so should humans!
04:16     Crazy rain in California and eating Chipotle.
05:51     Mag scores BIG at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.                               
11:06      Unintended repercussions of Dan’s comment response.
12:58     Dan and Shay learn about Chat GPT at Speakers Roundtable.
20:00     Maggie’s stress about upcoming Lasix.
22:48     The cool new sweater that looks like a bathmat.               
24:10     Pre-recording a speech.
25:16     Falling asleep during conversations.
27:34     Maggie’s technique for stretching at a stop light. 
31:00     Dan’s technique for adjusting your back with a sneeze.
32:00     Shay watching “Emily in Paris” to deal with Europe withdrawal.
33:39     Writing in the style of Play Dough.
35:27     Obligatory pickleball shoutout.

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