Mags & Dad's Wholesome Chaos podcast

S2 Ep72: Maggie’s Lasek and Valium Experience

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Show Notes:
00:00   Mags post-lasek eye surgery.
03:17   The valium debate.
06:06   The, kind of, gory details of Lasek.
15:19   Dan and Shay’s RK surgeries.
19:31   Lunch after surgery.
20:54   Mitch is a wonderful human!
24:44   Spontaneity of life is easier to embrace without contacts.
27:16   Braces on “baby teeth.” Necessary, or a racket?
29:02   Is it weird to Thera Gun and Kombucha in the parking lot?
30:06   Dan fell in the river… again.
31:31   We are dog people.
34:45   Shay housetrained her cats!
39:20   Listener question from Emily: Advice on how to handle the rejection that comes with being an actor or dancer in the entertainment field.

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