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S2 Ep67: Mags' Encounter With Reese Witherspoon

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Show Notes:
00:00               Mom doesn’t recognize Mags!
01:40               Hold up at the bank.
03:31               All metronomes have been claimed.
06:16               Our dog locked himself in the car.
07:42               Baby Eddie saves the day!
13:40               LA premiere of Something from Tiffany’s
16:27               Special DJ at Spotify 2022 Wrapped Party.
18:49               Dan’s attempt to get picked for jury duty.
21:57               Dan now “earthing!” Beneficial? Weird? Or possibly both?
23:35              Joy Jump Day!
25:47               Maggie flashback: sleep-earthing in the grass!
26:12               Maggie’s mad pain tolerance and lack of tickle receptors.
29:55               Dan and Shay’s holiday party.
31:22               Do animals giggle?
33:43               Maggie’s Lasik plan.
35:53               Dan and Shay watching “The Chosen.”
39:20               Doing more of what’s right, instead of just calling out what’s “bad.”
42:12               Taking care of the planet.
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