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Day 2 — The excitement of starting something new

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

The elation of starting this project kept me up all night. I brainstormed a workflow that is easy enough to stick to every single day.

So the workflow goes something like this:
- Write article in Medium.
- Record audio in Audacity
- Create video in Final Cut Pro
- Publish audio to anchor
- Publish video and text to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Balance never being my forte, I ended up sleeping 3 hours in the morning and then back to office work. So meditation takes a backseat just one more day.

But as I am writing this tonight, the realisation has hit strongly in me that my practice is at the core of this endeavour. Without practice, all of this does not mean anything. So I am going to take the time off and sit for 40 minutes now, tuning into my body before completing this blog entry.

40 mins later

Many parts of my body of course began to scream as I have been ignoring them for the last week. Combining that with poor sleeping habits, the torture session was inevitable. All I had to do was sit through it and let it all come to the surface as much as possible. Tight scalp, swollen cheeks, clutched abdomen, numb feet, nothing new about it. But the joy of having the courage to face it and be with it never gets old.

So at the end of the day, 40 mins of sitting practice. Nothing close to the eight hours that I want to give, but its still better than 0 mins that I have done in the past few days. So far so good.

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