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Y'all Can't Have Black Hair

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15 Sekunden vorwärts
In this episode, Stephanie unpacks the world’s love for Black style, richness, swagger, and beauty esthetic, but not the Black people attached. Particularly, she dives into the politics of Black hair, and how its infinite spectrum of styles has been traditionally seen as unattractive, untamed, dirty, or downright ugly, but when you add baby hair or beaded braids (or worse...both) onto a white woman or her adjacent peers, it becomes the most coveted and influential style out. Why is the world trying to erase Black people from Black hair? What's particularly enraging is the erasure of Black women and gender non-conforming folk from the global beauty scene, knowing that the most impactful hair and make-up styles have been born and honed in Africa and her diaspora. To further unpack this conundrum, Stephanie brings in celebrity hairstylist and global hair educator Ciara Costenoble, whose influence on the beauty world can be seen in editorial covers, major digital campaigns, and iconic red carpet moments from movie stars to Grammy award-winning artists, and politico. Ciara shares why she won't just "stop putting braids on white girls" but would rather focus her attention on informing the most powerful and well-resourced beauty brands on how to recognize and elevate the history of the styles being worn globally.

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