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Cannabis Culture Is Black Culture

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Cannabis culture is Black culture, and in this episode, we explore the depth of that truth, because even with today's very white and very wealthy cannabis industry, it's critical that we include the story of how Black liberation and cannabis have been historically linked. For many, cannabis is ritualistic, it's a practice and a portal to rest and creativity, it's an herb that has been consumed by Black ancestors for hundreds of years, yet the stigma of consuming cannabis in a Black body has been an unfortunate barrier for most afro-descendants.

And this is by design because as we know, cannabis has also traditionally been at the center of the policing and imprisonment of Black folks in the United States, and of course, this is tied to race and racist policies which hunted down and labeled Black folks as criminals, poor parents and government leeches all in support of the ideology that when Black people use cannabis bad things happen. But for many Black people, reclaiming our space in cannabis culture is necessary and our right. One of those people is Mennlay a writer, creative, and entrepreneur who melds her creative vision with her love and respect for cannabis into Xula, the innovative brand she co-founded that "infuses ancestral herbal knowledge and modern scientific knowledge understanding" into each CBD product they offer. We discuss the anthropological connections that prove Black people have always consumed cannabis, how she loves to enjoy her weed, and what have been the highs and lows of running a cannabis company during a global pandemic.

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