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Hollywood's White Agenda

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Hollywood has a serious white agenda, meaning their penchant for pushing the typical white savior stories, with a sprinkle of "funny Black support to the white main character" for good measure. Or how you'll have 5-10 seasons of a show with an all-white cast, with no mention of diversifying their characters until their absolute last season. Or how you hardly ever see two dark skin people loving each other on camera without their being a slave narrative attached. Unless you've decided not to notice, it is pretty clear that the entertainment powers do not love Black people, particularly the fullness of our stores, realities, and existences. By this I mean TV + movies have historically painted Black people as drug addicts, thugs, slaves, victims, criminals, and other anti-Black troupes which have gone on to color the imaginations of populations of people watching. That's what I call an agenda when wealthy white power structures use their money to ensure that only one story is told forever and ever and ever.

Insert Felicia Pride, TV + film writer/director who is no longer making the case for why Black people and our love stories should be told, she's writing our stories for us and no one else. From Queen Sugar to Netflix's Really Love, Felicia talks to us about why cultural specificity is important (Black love is unique,) what it will realistically take for Black creatives to bring the spectrum of Black stories to the big and small screens (MONEY,) and why Black revolutionary playwright Dominique Morisseau is her favorite Angry African.

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