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Black Folks Deserve Orgasms

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
The Black body is political and thus it is a revolutionary act of reclamation for us to unlock whatever brings pleasure, particularly when it comes to sex, a topic that has been difficult for Black people to discuss in affirming and abundant ways. In this episode of The Angry Africans podcast, Stephanie unpacks the stigma attached to sexual exploration within the Black community globally, a stigma informed by a traditionally white supremacist, colonized frameworks. From breaking the burdens of the gender binary to shedding ourselves of harmful cycles of shame, there is so much in store for Black people who can begin to decolonize our perspectives on what's acceptable or "normal." If to decolonize means to return to indigenous belief systems rooted in a desire for collective liberation from systems of oppression, then what does it look like to decolonize sexuality across the Black community? Penda N’diaye has an idea, and that is why she started Pro Hoe, a community discussion space and podcast pushing to eradicate stigmas surrounding sexual freedom and identity in Black communities. Penda talks to us about why the gender binary is colonized as fuck, how societal, racial, and religious constructs stifle our sexual liberties, and how she's getting into the business of masturbation with her upcoming sex toy brand.

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