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Episode 33 "These Boots Were Made"

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Episode 33 "These Boots Were Made"

What’s New

Mainframe -

  • Requires: z/OS V2.5 with PTFs, IBM z16 with microcode. Has both driving and target system requirements, use IBM.Function.ValidatedBoot FIXCAT.
  • Front end: Siging the in-scope artifacts (NUCLEUS, LPA, IPL Text, and SA Dump Text), z16 is not required here although z/OS V2.5 and PTFs are.
  • Back end: Verification of those signed in-scope artifacts. z16 with correct microcode level is required here (with z/OS V2.5 and PTFs).
  • Security set up work is required.

Performance - Open Data Sets, Part 2

  • Follow on, from Part 1 which was physical open and close of data sets as seen by z/OS.
  • This is about Db2 with the notion of logically Open and Closed data sets.
  • Its main role is to manage inter-Db2 read/write interest, for Datasharing efficiency purposes.
  • Two Db2 subsystem parameters have traditionally been used to control pseudoclose: PCLOSET and PCLOSEN. PCLOSEN is gone in V12 with APAR PH28280, as part of a DSNZPARM simplification effort. So PCLOSET would need adjusting down to whatever mimics PCLOSEN - in anticipation of this APAR or V13.

Topics - Messing With Digital Electronics

  • Martin explores his experiences with input devices (Stream Decks, Quick Keys, ...)
  • Martin has even built his own input devices: having an RFID card kick off automation, rotary encoders, USB Human Interface Device.

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