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Episode 27 "And Another Thing"

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Episode 27 "And Another Thing" show notes. Long show note are here.

Follow up
  • Additional System Recovery Boost enhancements:
    • Sysplex partitioning recovery: Boosts all surviving systems in the sysplex as they recover and takes on additional workload following the planned or unplanned removal of a system from the sysplex.
  • Two more portable software instances: Db2 and IMS added to Shopz on Aug 20, 2020, in addition to CICS (Dec 2019).

Martin was asked about which systems in a System Recovery Boost Speed Boost situation get their GCPs sped up to full speed.

Mainframe - Trying out Ansible for driving z/OSMF Workflows
  • Marna's been learning about Ansible and how it can drive z/OSMF work. So far with z/OSMF Workflows, from ansible-galaxy collection for ibm.ibmzoszosmf
  • Needed lots of assistance from two gracious Poughkeepsie system testers (massive thanks to Marcos Barbieri and Daniel Gisolfi !!)
  • Encountered two kinds of problems:
  • Security issues connecting the Linux environment to a large Poughkeepsie System Test z/OSMF environment
  • Workflow-related: duplicate instances when part of the playbook ran ok, and selecting an automated workflow.
Performance - So You Don't Think You're An Architect?
  • Brand new presentation for 2020, builds on the “who says what SMF is for?” slide in "How To Be A Better Performance Specialist"
  • Presentation talks about 3 layers
  • The Top Layer - Machines, Sysplexes And LPARs
  • The Middle Layer - Workloads And Middleware: Spikes, Restarts, Cloning, Topology, Software Levels
  • The Bottom Layer - Application Components: Db2 and MQ Accounting Trace, DDF topology, data sets
  • Fulfilling the definiton Of Architecture? Understand what's really going on and valuable to system architects
Topics - Notifications
  • They are unsolicited messages appearing on the device, generally interruptions whether wanted or not.
  • Examples of what is received and where/
  • How do you manage them to reduce their number.
  • An advanced topic is how you can generate your own
  • On iOS the Pushcut app: a webhook from eg IFTTT can cause a notification
  • On Android we have MacroDroid.
Customer requirements
  • Customer Requirement 138729 : z/OS Console message help support JES2 messages
    • IBM response: This RFE has been delivered via APAR PH24072 at end of June 2020. It's available on both V2R3 and V2R4. The JES2 message prefix such as $ can be setup in "Configure Message Help" dialog in z/OSMF Console UI.
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