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Episode 32 "Scott Free"

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Episode 32 "Scott Free"

What’s New

Mainframe - SMFLIMxx Parmlib Member

  • IEFUSI exit replacement with a parmlib member, related to storage and limits that can be specified.
  • Functions are delivered as continuous delivery, such as the SAF check filter, and number of shared pages used.
  • In z/OS 3.1: Dedicated Real Memory Pools to assign memory to a specific application, like zCX, in all frame sizes.

Performance - Open Data Sets, Part 1

  • Looking at many open data sets (100s of thousands) for middleware.
  • ALLOCxx's SWBSTORAGE has to specify ATB to put control blocks above the bar. Applications need to exploit the service.
  • Monitoring virtual storage is key here, and remains important. The number of volumes needed affects how much memory is needed, so there is no one answer.

Topics - Evolution of a Graph

  • Martin explores the large improvements he's made with his custom graphing programs.
  • Start with naive rows and columns, with rigid labels.
  • Then, generating the titles with REXX. Then, using REXX to drive GDDM directly. Then, use REXX to generate many more data point and plotting them directly. Then, have REXX generate the series names.
  • Martin encourages all to evolve their graphs, to tell the story better, and run more efficiently.

Customer Requirement

  • ZOSI-2195 "Extended GDG causes space issues", has been satisfied. IGGCATxx's GDGLIMITMAX with OA62222 on V2.3.

On the blog

  • Marna's NEW blog location is here
  • Martin has quite a few new blog articles here

So It Goes

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