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Episode 31 "Take it to the Macs"

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Episode 31 "Take it to the Macs" show notes.

This episode is about our After Show. (What is that?) Long show notes can be found here.

What’s New

Mainframe - z/OS Management Services Catalogs: Importance of z/OSMF Workflows

  • z/OS Management Services Catalog, zMSC, allows you to customize a z/OSMF Workflow for your enterprise, and publish it in a catalog for others to "click and use".
  • There are 7 initial sample Services that IBM provides, or you can provide your own with a starting Workflow.
  • zMSC Services are based on z/OSMF Workflows. You can see why the discussion on knowing z/OSMF Workflows is important.

Performance - System Recovery Boost (SRB) Early Experiences

  • System Recovery Boost provides boosts of two kinds: speed and zIIP.
  • There are different capabilities of SRB, based on which HW server you are running (z15 or z16):Shutdown - which allows you to have 30 minutes worth of boosting during shutdown. This function must be requested to be used each time.
    IPL - which allows you to have 60 minutes worth of boosting during IPL. This function, provided by default, is on.
    Recovery Process Boost, provided on IBM z15. Extends to structure or connectivity recovery, for instance.
    Newer additional functions for Recovery Process Boost, specifically on IBM z16, for stopping and starting certain middleware.
  • Martin has several early field experience, which he has summarised in four blog posts.

Topics - Stickiness

  • This topics explores what makes some technologies sticky, and some not.
  • Martin and Marna discuss some of the attributes are important for continuing to be used, and what makes a function fall away over time.Value
    Usability and immediacy
    Setup complexity

On the blog

  • Marna's blog is here
  • Martin has quite a few new blog articles here

So It Goes

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