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Yashoda Devi Ma: Reduce stress & cultivate a clear mind practicing Vedic Meditation

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I am excited to share with you that today is our 99th published interview and I couldn’t be happier to do this episode with my good friend, Yashoda Devi Ma.

Yashoda is one of the best Vedic Meditation teachers I have ever seen and after seeing her speak on the Sacred Science Docu-series on the topics like stress management, yoga and meditation, I realized I HAD to get her on to share this with all the Type A Triathletes and Health seekers listening into this podcast!

For me in my personal journey, It took me years to actually realize the daily and cumulative stress I put on myself and everyone around me, and I guess like many things the first step is self-reflection and realizing it’s unhealthy. It’s unhealthy but it can change and it doesn’t have to be you.

Yashoda joins us today with her kind spirits to guide you into self-reflection to become aware of the stress you carry with you, and how to manage it and release it. This is so integral as she explains on just how bad stress can be for our bodies. Not just on our minds and our external relationships, but it also affects our gut health, our immune system, leads to many chronic illnesses and so much more.

Whether you are brand new to the concept of meditation and yoga, or you are a yogi-natural yourself, I highly recommend saving this episode for a time when you’re able to fully concentrate and allow yourself to take in what Yashoda has to teach us because it could truly change the path of the rest of your life.

So please sit back, relax, and let’s get into it.

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