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Andy Blow: Dialing in a fine-tuned Hydration Strategy

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Today joining us is Andy Blow to educate us on how we can do our absolute best to understand and master our sweat loss in an IRONMAN so that we can finish the race without being too dehydrated, or conversely, over hydrated.

Andy is the Founder of Precision Hydration and is also the creator of the Hydration Strategy course on Training Peaks University. He’s an IRONMAN athlete and he has ALL the answers that you will have on formulating a training plan.

For starters. some primer questions to get you thinking for this episode: Are you a salty sweater? How much dehydration is tolerated in an IRONMAN? How much weight is normal to lose in a race? Could Hydration be as simple as drink to thirst? And how can we test our sweat to determine our required fluid and electrolyte intake?

Unfortunately, this topic isn’t as black and white, so it will require an understanding of the science behind your individual sweat loss so that you can formulate your own hydration strategy that you can alter it on the fly according to your race environment and conditions.

The goal is by the end of this, is for you to have all the tools necessary to formulate a solid path to a hydration strategy and know how to calculate your sweat loss rate, how to decide what on-course fuel you should consume, how much to consume in order to keep in your optimal ranges during a race, and how to continually revisit your plan and adjust it accordingly.

Now Andy and his team have offered up a limited time 15% off code for the pacing and racing listeners so be sure to check out and use promo code PACINGANDRACING. Also be sure to use the code for 50% off on the Training Peaks University Course!

I want us all to be sweat and hydration experts by the end of this, so get ready for another all-hands-on-deck discussion.

So without further ado!

Let’s get into it.

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