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Goal Setting & Defying the Odds: The Life Well Lived Podcast Series (Trish Omeri)

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Hey guys welcome back and welcome to the first time listeners, my names Steven Langenhuizen and I am the host of the Pacing and Racing Podcast – and on this podcast we are working alongside the Toronto Triathlon Festival to share another amazing episode in the Live Well Lived Podcast Series Presented by Raymond James where we dive into a topic that will resonate with everyone, and that is Goal setting and Defying the odds.

Let’s be clear, here. Even the highest performing athletes out there struggle day to day to find motivation and energy to keep focused. It doesn’t come easy. As we all know its easiest to follow the path of least resistance. But there is this innate calling within many of us who want to defy the normal standard and push ourselves to be better. This is something I think we see in all triathletes as a triathlete is one to defy the odds and reach and exceed their goals; time and time again.

We all weren’t born like this, however. This may come natural to some, but it can also be learned by others. And that’s where I’d like to introduce Trish Omeri and her inspiring story. As you’ll hear in our chat, she had one of those light bulb moments. And it allowed her to change the life path that she was on and the give her the confidence to set new goals. And she’s here today to share her story, allowing us to tap into her mindset to help you set your own goals. And who knows, we might be able to make that seemingly impossible goal you have, well… not so impossible!

From being a working mom who wanted to lose weight, to courageously stepping outside her comfort zone to compete on the Amazing Race Canada (on live television), to becoming a Personal Trainer, to becoming a Triathlete; Trish has found the secret to goal setting and I hope you can leave today episode with some key takeaways that will help you reach your goals!

We also chat about training tips for the Toronto Triathlon Festival, nutrition, and more so there’s something for everyone in this episode. Now keep in mind, this episode was recorded before the Pandemic and the TTF outdoor event cancellation! Both Trish and myself will be competing in the Virtual event so we hope you join us in Solo-darity throughout this historic journey in which we will always look back on.

Now.. let’s get into it.

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