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Cervelo Co-Founder and 4iii Acting President, Phil White: Innovation among a pandemic!

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Today joining us is the legendary Phil White to talk about his recent new position as acting president for 4iiii innovations amid uncertain times and where he sees the state of triathlon and the triathlon tech heading in the coming years. This is one of those easy listening tech and triathlon news episodes you don’t want to miss!

So for those who don’t know Phil, he has been a pioneer and legend in the cycling and triathlon world. From starting up Cervelo as a co-founder in 1996 as a basement school project in Canada to seeing Cervelo as the pinnacle bike used at the IRONMAN World Championships, I think he’s done a fantastic job in an incredibly niche and competitive market. Aside from Cervelo Phil has also been in close discussions working with 4iiii for a few years.

And as of this month, Phil stepped up to become 4iiii’s acting president and will lend his perfectionist touch of design, manufacturing and marketing to make 4iiii even stronger tomorrow than they are today.

I am super excited for this because not only am I a fan of 4iiii for being a Canadian company, but I am a huge fan of their products. I currently use their 4iiii Dual crank power meter, Heart Rate Monitor, the STAC Halcyon Smart trainer; the predecessor to the new and improved 4iiii Fliiiight smart trainer.

So, it’s been a while since I’ve spoken on tech topics here in the endurance realm so I thought who better to speak to then Phil White on his reasons for joining 4iiii, his plans for the future with 4iiii, and where he sees the future of triathlon tech heading and ultimately; where do we see our sport heading in the years to come.

It’s an all-hands-on-deck discussion today as we talk about all things to do with Triathlon Innovation from one of the industries brightest and foreword-thinking minds!

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