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Ep. 34- HOW to find HEALTHY COPING MECHANISMS to deal WITH MOVING AND CHANGE (that's NOT food or body related)- w/ ELIZABETH TRAVIS

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She was SOOOOO loved by my audience, I had to have her on again :)

If you haven't listened to EPISODE 11 with Elizabeth Travis, I highly recommend doing so!

As a quick recap- Elizabeth is a college friend of mine who originally showed me that it's totally okay to talk openly about our struggles with food. By sharing transparently about her struggle to my sorority house (and owning what she had been through), she made me feel accepted, seen and understood, even when my eating disorder was largely a secret at that time. There is SO much power in knowing you ARE NOT ALONE.

As a newly registered nurse (yesss girl!!!), Elizabeth has recently dedicated her career to helping those who struggle with eating disorders, as she has accepted a job at an Eating Recovery Center in Chicago :)

I am beyond proud of her and thankful for all she has taught me through the years. I am even MORE excited for THIS conversation...

Today we discuss:

1. NAVIGATING CHANGE- How we can cope with uncertainty and the unknown of a new job, school, city, etc. and NOT destroy our relationship with food and exercise in the process.

2. REBUILDING TRUST WITH OUR BODIES AND EXERCISE- What questions we can ask ourselves and how to find a happy balance.

3. EMOTIONAL EATING- Why it isn't bad!!! Depending on our relative history with food, emotional eating can TOTALLY be a good coping mechanism for us and doesn't deserve any guilt or shame. Of course if this is our only mechanism for navigating change, finding other ways to handle new times is healthy. However, overall no one EVER deserves to feel bad for using food as comfort or as a way to feel safe.

4. MENTAL "REAL ESTATE"- How we can "measure" how much time we spend ruminating or obsessing over food, our bodies and exercise, and ways to address and shift this.

I know you will LOVE this episode as much as I do.

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