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33. " I SHOULDN'T eat that because... HOT GIRL SUMMER!!"

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We ALLLL know after many awaited months (literally a year?!) of THE quarantine, HOT GIRL SUMMER is coming fast. And maybe that's bringing up a lot of mixed emotions.

Are you feeling nervous about your body?

Feeling guilty around food recently?

Or find yourself being hard on yourself for both?

If so... the following three topics I cover in THIS episode will be of MAJOR value to you.

1) How YOU can take the rules, shame, judgment and guilt OUT of your intuitive eating journey as we head into the summer.

2) How you can STEP away from the good/bad dichotomy of food (thanks diet culture) and shift into a proactive REFRAME of supportive vs. unsupportive choices.

3) Reminding yourself that there are two phases to ending binge/compulsive overeating. Most importantly, first getting OUT of survival mode (which means needing to permission ALL foods to be there- EVEN when it's scary!!). THEN, examining habitual patterning and mindless behaviors and finding different mechanisms to cope.

Even when diet culture is rampant during this season, remember YOUR journey is unique to you and may STILL require the opposite of a lot of the rhetoric out there (especially if you are still in phase 1).

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