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39. How I broke FREE from binge eating

Rewind 15 seconds
Fast Forward 15 seconds

Want to end constant food focus, calorie stress, compensatory morning cardio and extreme guilt around food….

And step into trust around food, appreciation for exercise, and even a deeper existence in life?!?!

Then THIS episode is for you.

In summary, the two pieces that changed the binge eating game for me were…

  1. Switching up my physical routine.
  • Scheduling plans post my (possible) binge in order to distract myself and stop the spiral.
  • Challenging the habitual patterning of food and exercise times.

2. Separating my identity from my binge eating behaviors.

  • Understanding binge eating was not indicative of my worth or abilities and simply habitual patterning that was no longer serving me.

I dive deeply into my story, the exact ways I utilized these two pieces and what my life looks like today without binge eating.

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