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Why Data Definitions Are Crucial - Getting Data Done with Christopher Chin

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In each 'Getting Data Done' episode, I chat with real data people about a data challenge or opportunity they experienced, how they tackled it, and how it turned out.

This time I chat with the wonderful Christopher Chin, who certainly knows a thing or two about how to communicate with data! That's because he's not only worked in the engine rooms of data analytics, but he now also uses his expertise in public speaking to coach tech professionals in how to present effectively.

Ironically, I think I could do with some of Christopher's coaching! Far too much rambling from me in this episode!

The data challenge that Christopher talks about here, is one about ensuring data definitions are standardised across different people and pillars of an organisation. Because if they're not, you can (or likely will) of course end up with different answers to the same question. It's a common challenge, but one that can be easily solved when an organisation gets everyone pulling in the same direction, as Christopher eloquently puts it - "the connection between tech and the business is so important!"

Thanks Christopher for making this episode possible!

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