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Ep11 - The framework for becoming truly data-driven

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4dDX is a strategic data capability framework which provides a blueprint for becoming truly data-driven, and not just data-busy!

Data capabilities are the keys for unlocking data value, because if you don't have the right mix or strength of data capabilities to achieve your data-driven goals, then you'll just spin your wheels. Lots of energy and investment in - but little or no forward progress out. Which is... That's right, data-busy!

4dDX works by setting out a range of 21 data capabilities for becoming data-driven, both at a simple level so it's easy to understand and communicate, and at a detailed level so it's comprehensive enough to believe in and implement.

You can use 4dDX as a framework for data strategy, for data capability development, and for assessing data capability maturity. And the great news is, it's FREE to access and use for non-commercial purposes. (It's distributed under a Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/)


Access 4dDX at https://4dDX.app

Learn more about 4dDX and request your own FREE copy at https://4dDX.info

Take a FREE trial of the data capability maturity assessment featured in this episode, at: https://datamaturity.info

Access the complete in-depth guide on how to create and implement an effective data strategy (one that makes you data-driven, not data-busy) at https://datastrategy.how

Unlock the entire Data Strategy Management Toolkit by visiting https://datastrategytoolkit.com

Ep6 - Data Strategy Principles: https://youtu.be/89MG5RGm_2w

Ep10 - A data-driven way to be be more data-driven: https://youtu.be/zBM0MnojrCk


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