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Ep3 - How to build reports and dashboards that actually benefit your business

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It's one of the oldest and stickiest data management problems - how to create reports and dashboards that are completely relevant, that people actually use, and create measurable business benefit?

If your business is awash with analytics that are seldom used, and dashboards that are just downloaded to CSV, then this episode is for you!

Let me introduce you to insights architecture... It's a way of tangibly mapping your business goals and processes to the KPIs, analytics, and reporting that drives them. When you have that map, you can use it to create data insights that are completely relevant and actionable, AND use it to show people why and how to use them - so that they actually DO.

It's all about this simple phrase - KNOW WHAT? SO WHAT? NOW WHAT? What does our business need to know, what will that tell us, and what will we do about it? When you use insights architecture to solve that formula, the value of your data insights will skyrocket!


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Ep3 - How to build reports and dashboards that actually benefit your business: https://youtu.be/pV70SYMHRVQ


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