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Ep5 - Know What? So What? Now What?

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If you're a data leader, I'm sure you'd love a fast, simple, cheap, and effective way of making sure that all of the data insights in your business are relevant, actionable, and well-adopted.

What if I told you that there's a way you can achieve precisely that, just by saying four simple words?

Well, that's exactly what I DO tell you, in this episode!

Those four words are KNOW, SO, NOW, and WHAT - and they come together in this catchy phrase...


What you have to do, is get everyone in your business into the habit of uttering that phrase, every time there's discussion about data insights requirements. If you can do that, then you’ll not only greatly improve the effectiveness of your data insights, you’ll also diminish the the amount of useless information which saunters around the place.


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Ep5 - Know What? So What? Now What?: https://youtu.be/BF5RByX5vWE


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