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Ruin your travel, 6 things that ruin mine

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6 things that can ruin you travel

Just approach for a normal traveller that can ruin your travel this episode not talking about the pandemic but I will in future episodes.

Forgetting about your documents

This app for android will show you what visas do you need when visiting a country.

The link for the Play Store. World Traveller app

I use the free version you do not have to pay for it.

The weather

Check the weather and seasons of the location that you want to go, sometimes can have good discounts in low seasons, just check if you are not booking in the hurricane season.


Well your money how much can you stretch it, will approach how to save in money conversion, in a future podcast.

Bad Food

Cuba the all-inclusive, the food is not great.

Traveller diarrhoea, take some medication with you, Imodium (loperamide) the best, but be careful sometimes it can just delay a serious disease. If it does not stop, go to a doctor.

Noisy people or Environment

About the product, use earplugs and Laser Lit they are disposable but there are many types of earplugs reusable ones even.

I leave some links in this description.

Alinsea 60 Pairs Soft Foam Ear Plugs Amazon


The Active Noise-cancelling headphones Bluetooth for commuting or annoying neighbours.

Sony WH-1000XM3 the best that you can buy get optimal performance but very expensive

Mpow H12 this is upgraded version they look different but are stronger and lighter.

At the moment they have a promotion with 15 pounds of discount so they are very cheap, just have a look.

So noise can ruin your travelling yes but with simple strategies,

You can save your noise pollution with ANC headphones or save your sleep with the same earplugs and face mask.

Do not let noise ruin your holidays.

Uncomfortable beds

Reading reviews before booking a place can give important clues, remember there are cultural differences in beds, America big beds, Europe medium beds, Japan small beds.

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