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Budapest Hungary 5 Goods and 5Bads

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Buda and Pest

The word ‘Budapest’ came from the combined city of Buda and Pest. The two cities were united into a single city in the year 1873. The name ‘Buda’ comes from the name of its founder Buda, brother of the Hunnic ruler Attila. The name ‘Pest’ comes from the word “Pession”, a fortress during the Roman time.

They use the Hungarian florin

They speak Hungarian hard language to learn and understand do not worry part of the population will speak English

See the full video to learn more about the Hungarian language

Use the link Learn the Top 25 Hungarian Phrases

The goods

  1. Beautiful city and architecture

Visiting the parliament book you visit here The official site

2. The low-cost city you get a lot for your money,

3. Friendly people they not famous for smiling but they will help you.

4. The SPA culture The best to relax bathhouses

Gellert Baths site the art nouveau

Rudas Baths site the Turkis ones

Széchenyi Baths site The largest

Lake Hévíz site a full thermal lake takes 2 hours by car from Budapest to get there

5. Culture trip

Classical music Franz liszt

The folk music roma music

Muzsikás együttes - Nem úgy van most mint volt régen

Kalyi Jag- La Romnjasa

Kanizsa Csillagai - Ahuz, mama

6. The nightlife is very good to mention to the ruin bares

The Bads

  1. Become a major tourist destination with overpriced restaurants and tacky souvenirs

and Hungarian is different language will not able to identify or even understand most of it.

2. Poverty and homeless treated badly. The actual government is trying to make homeless people illegal, intolerance is a problem.

3. There are scams restaurants the service is not great

4. Girls invite you for drinks into an empty or sketchy looking bar

5. Use the official taxis or gonna be a ripoff

See the site about

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