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Malaga Spain 5 Goods and Bads

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This was the first trip that I did with my actual wife and we spend a week in there.

The warm weather Malaga belongs to the Costa del sol 320 days of sun all year good place to be.

The castle of Gibralfaro build in 929 AD in the top of the mount and have Alcazaba that was build in the early 11 century is a representation of beautiful Arabic art and many years that south of Spain was under Moorish rule.

You can go up the hill and gives a good view of the city, great sunset and night lights view it is free to visit both places from 2 pm to 8 pm.

Note by Madonna "if a guy likes you, you need to take advantage on the first week"

There is art all over the city, statues, painting, Murals, it was the birthplace of Picasso and have the house that he was born, but that it is just house where he was born.

The food in the city you have EL PIMPI, not he cheapest but offer very interesting dishes like la fritada many fry fishes price around 25 euros enough for 3 people ask same Aleoli (garlic mayonnaise sauce ) and lemon with some beer in the hot day tastes great.

Go to Frigiliana a small white village Frigiliana Images Google we had the best paella rice in the plaza de las tres cultures there is a group of restaurants in there.

Playa de Maro in the region Nerja clear water with white sand and a great view.

Malaga is close to other places go to Frigiliana, Caminito del Rey, Ronda even if you have the patient to drive can do a day trip to Seville

The bad

Parking is a problem in the city most of the places are paid, I was able to find free parking on AV. De Jorge Silvela next to the dry river, there is some residential houses and empty spaces to park the car not paid. It does not mean things change in the last year.

The English guide in Caminito Del Rey he was able to speak English or Spanish was a mess, any way to go there book in advance and reserve tickets with no guide is cheaper.

Google maps after Caminito del Rey send me to the middle of the mountain on a dirt road with obstacles. It was the shortest way but the worst road ever.

Rent house we use Airbnb was nice apartment very simple way cheaper than the hotels in the city. Use the link to book Airbnb to get a discount on your first trip.

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