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5 best things to do in Prague Czech republic and the 5 unpleasant things

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  1. Prague castle the largest castle, dancing house
  2. The food meat sauces and can find this guy youtube channel has the cheapest things to do in Prague one my favourites places and good beer
  3. You can walk around the place and make it accessible to take 20 minutes
  4. Get to Vyšehrad: is cheaper restaurants parks even Catedral
  5. Culture is a thing in Prague many interesting museums National Museum (Národní muzeum), the Museum of the Capital City of Prague, the Jewish Museum in Prague, the Alfons Mucha Museum,


The Christmas Markets

The woodland called Divoká Šárka

The hates

  1. To much tourists
  2. Overpriced having account the country tourist places prices can be
  3. Pickpockets, exchange money in the street and they give Belorussian rubles, or even exchange places are horrible rates getting you half of the money
  4. The drunken tourist that can be aggressive and problematic those called in Stagg parties and they come from other European countries

The place you should visit to have more information is YouTuber honest Guide he has the goods the bad and the scams on this Chanel

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