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99.38 - He Made Me Do it!

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Host Andrew Chirch is an Interfaith minister and spiritual coach for real people like you.
The idea for 99 comes from the Islamic teaching that there are 99 names for the divine, and each one has its own meaning.  
Each week, we meet up for 9-minutes to explore teachings from ALL the world’s religions to help us make sense of our lives. 

I’m a minister and - One of the things I hate most about religions is how they get used to justify hurtful actions and words.

An example: “Why did this bad thing happen to me?” or “why is this innocent person suffering so much?”

You might hear “oh they didn’t lead a good enough life – or they’re being punished for this or that.”

I think that’s just plain wrongheaded. Even more, I think it’s a lazy or cowardly way to hide from the difficult truths that find us – all of us – at one time or another as human beings.

Let's explore this a little, shall we?

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