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99.34 Forgive Yourself Before it's Too Late

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Host Andrew Chirch is an Interfaith minister and spiritual coach for real people like you.

The idea for 99 comes from the Islamic teaching that there are 99 names for the divine, and each one has its own meaning.  

Each week, we meet up for 9-minutes to explore teachings from ALL the world’s religions to help us make sense of our lives. 


A Sufi Holy man was asked what forgiveness is. He said, "It is the fragrance that flowers give when they are crushed."

This episode, our topic is forgiveness. Specifically, At Tawwab...the forgiveness that enables you to let go of grudges. The forgiveness that isn't about endorsing bad behavior of others, but rather, it's about releasing yourself from being bound up in those actions.

I have worked with people who are dying and one of the things that comes up most is forgiveness. People wish they'd asked for it from those they hurt sooner. They wish they'd forgiven others sooner.

What are you carrying that weighs you down?

What if you released it right now?

Let's explore...

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