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99.31- Donuts for Your Soul

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Host Andrew Chirch is an Interfaith minister and spiritual coach for real people like you.
The idea for 99 comes from the Islamic teaching that there are 99 names for the divine, and each one has its own meaning.  
Each week, we meet up for 9-minutes to explore teachings from ALL the world’s religions to help us make sense of our lives. 

Do you have one of those people in your life who will sit you down when you need it?

I didn't think I did until one day, he sat me down and said, "Andy, in Spanish, we have this saying called Cura da Alma.... care of the soul. How are you caring for your soul?"

Physically, our bodies need nourishment with decent sustenance.

Sure, a trip to the donut shop is tasty (and I'm a big fan of donut shops), but we both know that isn't sustenance. You eat like that regularly, you begin to live with a body that is perpetually unwell.

What my mentor was saying was akin to that. If you live your life habitually feeding your soul with junk, you will get soul-sick.

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