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What Research Says Is Effective in Financial Education and How to Best Support That with Legislative Dollars

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This convening covers the important topic of how policymakers and elected officials should choose and develop investments in financial education. In general, the more financially capable an individual is, the more likely they are to contribute to the tax base and their community overall. However, how can leaders find the best ways to assist their constituencies? That is the question this episode addresses. Dr. Billy Hensley provides introductory remarks and host Raven Newberry interviews Massachusetts’ State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg and Deputy Treasurer Alayna Van Tassel, who provide perspectives of policymakers, examples of initiatives they spearheaded in their state and the benefits of replicating them in other states.


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  • How Massachusetts created new programs and a department focused on economic empowerment
  • How Massachusetts approached K-12 financial education mandate legislation
  • Using existing curriculum to push financial education in unique ways
  • The benefits of using mainstream topics (homeownership, student debt, etc.) to help illustrate the need for financial education


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