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Financial Education's Role in Equitable Access to Post-Secondary Education

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This convening focuses on financial education's role in helping students navigate financial life after high school and increasing access for traditionally underrepresented populations. Dr. Billy Hensley provides introductory remarks and host Raven Newberry interviews Rachel Yanof, the policy convening’s moderator, to follow-up on the major takeaways and understand the reasons pursuing postsecondary education doesn't seem like a realistic option for so many.


Participants / Guests:



  • Overall takeaways from the policy convening, including what was shared and where the conversation is leading us
  • Factors contributing to inequitable postsecondary access
  • The array of options and pathways to education beyond high school
  • How students make choices about affording postsecondary education
  • Recommendations for policymakers to address these issues


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