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To Kidnap The Rich with Rahul Raina

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Rahul Raina’s debut novel How to Kidnap the Rich was published by Little Brown (UK) and Harper Collins (US) in 2021 after a six-way publishing auction - but he tells Babble that until he submitted it for publication, nobody had read it!

Rahul spends his time between Oxford and Delhi. In England, he runs his own start-up for part of the year, and he works for charities for street children and teaches English in India for the rest. His experiences and the relationships he has formed during his time in India have informed the characters of How To Kidnap The Rich.

How to Kidnap the Rich has been reviewed and praised by The Times, The Economist, The Sunday Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday, The Independent, Sunday Times, The New York Times, The Guardian and more, and the TV rights have been sold to HBO.

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