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Roman Scott AKA KYOZO takes the Babble Stage

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British singer/songwriter Roman Scott, AKA KYOZO, started producing electronic music at a young age, drawing inspiration from his idols which include Chet Faker, Ry X, Elderbrook and Lauv. Inspired by these artists, Roman has become a self produced artist.

He has recently worked with DJs Prok & Fitch, and their first release 'Crave The Rave' was signed to Relief Records and took the 11th spot on Beatport’s House Tech Chart. Their second release, 'Where's The Party', caught disc jockey Pete Tongs’ attention and was played on BBC Radio 1.

Their latest release, ‘Tease’, was on Hot Creations and has received repeated support from Radio 1’s Danny Howard, Pete Tong and Joel Corey from KISS FM.

Podcast edited and produced by Matt Janke

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