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Suzanne Noble and Monica Corcoran Harel babble on Ageing with Grace

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The babble in this episode is a little different from usual. While we’ve previously had an interviewer-interviewee set-up in our virtual studio, this week we’ve got Monica Corcoran Harel and Suzanne Noble interviewing each other.

Monica Corcoran Harel is a New York Times journalist and author, and the founder of the Pretty Ripe newsletter for women who, despite what people might try to tell them, are far from being past their sell-by date.

Suzanne Noble is an award-winning social entrepreneur and networker who is the co-founder of Advantages of Age, a not for profit challenging the media narrative around ageing.

So, as you can imagine, the two have plenty to babble about, including the changing face of ageism (which still very much exists), the art of starting a business in your 50’s, and how much fun getting older actually is, especially if you throw caution to the wind...

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