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#43 - I'm trying Carnivore diet for 30 days!

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I'm trying the Carnivore diet which goes against everything I've believed about diet and health my whole life. I used to see videos on the Carnivore diet and I'd immediately either turn it off or just think they were idiots. Now I'm here with 10+ yrs of chronic pain, anxiety, depression having tried multiple diets which put me right here. 

I figured, what better way to see if this works for me then running a very strict test on myself. 

So here's the gist of it:

***Only organic grass fed meats, range free chicken/turkey, bone broth and LOTS OF WATER. Pairing this with
16:8 intermittent fasting (11am - 7pm eating window).
No caffeine, no alcohol, no carbs, no dairy, no sugars, no veggies no processed foods. Daily exercise at least 30min / 8hrs sleep 

This isn't to lose weight. This is simply to see how my mind and body respond to this. These are the main issues of mine that I want to track if this diet effects them at all. 

Anxiety / depression / Overall Mood


Throat issues (Globus sensation/lump in throat)


Body and joint pain tingling

Neuropathy sensations


Ringing in ears


I completely understand if this is just downright offensive to some of you but hopefully you'll watch the video and see why I've come to this decision to try the Carnivore diet. Here's to good physical and mental health that I wish for all of you.

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