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Season 7, Episode 4 – Architectural Patterns: Why and When to Use Them – w/ Emilien Pecoul

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In this episode, Sara is joined by Emilien Pecoul – software developer, architect, and entrepreneur. 

They discuss the benefits of using patterns such as domain-driven design (DDD), event sourcing, and Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) in startup companies and for freelancers looking for their next project.

Emilien shares insights into his background as a freelancer and entrepreneur, emphasizing the importance of learning and adopting effective software development practices. He discusses how he started as a freelancer in 2013, facing challenges in finding companies aligned with his preferred working practices. He highlights the role of meetups and conferences in connecting with like-minded developers – and about his work with his start-up, "The Actual Job," to help mentor full-time developers in their journey to become freelancers.

The discussion expands to cover the significance of DDD, with Emilien sharing his journey in understanding and implementing DDD principles. He acknowledges the initial difficulty in grasping DDD concepts but emphasizes the value it brings to building robust software. The interview explores the complexities of domain-driven design, especially in translating abstract concepts to practical implementations. They go on to talk about how these concepts translated into the realities of Emilien's daily life at his freshly created start-up.

The interview concludes with insights into the importance of understanding why and how to implement certain patterns, adapting strategies based on project requirements, and making informed decisions to avoid unnecessary complexity.

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