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Season 7, Episode 2 - Open Space & Unconferences with Houssam Fakih

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Curious about the dynamics of Open Space & Unconferences? In this episode of Exploring Axon, Sara Torrey sits down with the multi-hyphenate Houssam Fakih – an "unconference disorganizer," facilitator, mentor, coach, co-author, speaker, and developer. 

The two touch on how these vibrant, participant-driven gatherings thrive on sharing knowledge, stimulating discussions, and fostering relationships. The two discuss the interesting dynamics within open spaces, the process, and the enriching experiences they can offer. 

Learn how these spaces can help you contribute your burning questions and engage in meaningful discussions. No speakers, no presentations, just pure knowledge sharing. Dive in!


Connect with Sara on LinkedIn and Twitter.  Connect with Houssam on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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