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Bonus Episode: AxonIQ Conference 2023 & DrivUn

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Exploring Axon is back from hiatus to bring an update on an exciting event taking place in Amsterdam this September – AxonIQ Conference 2023 and DrivUn, an unconference for the latest trends in event-driven, domain-driven, and message-driven systems.  In this episode, Sara sits down with AxonIQ CTO Allard Buijze as well as AxonIQ Developer Advocate Milen Dyankov, who's taking the lead on the inaugural DrivUn event. The trio discuss what you can expect from both events – and why you need to be there! Early bird tickets remain available as of the time of this publishing, so snag a deal while you can! To learn more about AxonIQ Conference 2023, click here. To learn more about DrivUn, click here.

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Connect with Allard on LinkedIn and Twitter.  Connect with Milen on LinkedIn and Twitter.  Learn more about Axon at axoniq.io

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