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Season 7, Episode 1: Why Knowledge Share? – with Sylvain Coudert

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Welcome to season 7 of Exploring Axon! Our host Sara Torrey returns, this time with the pleasure of hearing from Sylvain Couddert, a podcast producer/host and freelance software developer from France. In this episode, Sara and Sylvain delve into his four-year podcasting experience and the significance of knowledge sharing in the software community.

The two also explore development patterns, focusing on the ever-relevant domain-driven design. Listeners are in for a treat as they gain invaluable insights into the benefits and practicality of this approach.

But the conversation doesn't stop there. Sara and Sylvain also tackle a topic that resonates with many of us in the technology industry: the experience of being a rookie. They navigate the challenges and triumphs of the learning process and the art of teaching. They also uncover the remarkable benefits that derive from these experiences, extending far beyond the world of technology.

Be sure to tune in to unravel the intricacies of knowledge sharing and software development in this captivating season 7 opener of Exploring Axon.

Connect with Sara on LinkedIn and Twitter.  Connect with Sylvain on LinkedIn. Check out Sylvain's podcast, PunkInDev. (it's in French, by the way) Learn more about Axon at axoniq.io

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