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Dead-Letter Queue in Axon Framework

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In this episode, Sara speaks with colleague and lead developer of Axon Framework, Steven van Beelen about AxonIQ's newest, most anticipated feature of Axon Framework 4.6: the Dead-Letter Queue. 

Steven explains what DLQ is and why it's been implemented in our framework. He also speaks about how the users can benefit from it, when to enqueue a message and when not to, where the dead letters are stored, and which infrastructure components are supported in AF DLQ. He also touches on what type of messages the DLQ can be used for and what the logs would look like with out-of-the-box configurations, and whether or not they can be customized. 


Steven will present a FREE webinar on DLQ in Axon Framework on December 6th, 16:00 CET. You can find more information on how to register for this webinar here. We hope to see you there. 


To find out more about DLQ and code samples, please visit our Reference Guide


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