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Ep #9.3 Indigenous Imaginaries | Worlding Podcast

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In the Andean world the human body, nature and community are united. In colonisation this connection is broken. A good example of this is the Mallqui - a mummy combining two bodies: that of an old man and an indigenous child from the Lower Valley of the Chillon River, which is now on public display at the Humboldt Forum in Berlin. In the West the mummy is considered dead, in the Andean culture the mummy is still alive. 

Daniela Zambrano Almidón is a Peruvian Quechua researcher and interdisciplinary artist with a focus on Andean-Amazonian popular culture. In this episode, Daniela shares how she is furthering the dialogue between Postcolonial time and indigenous Abya Yala time, particularly through her documentary in development - “The Restitution of Dignity” that follows the story of the Mallqui. Daniela explains how she seeks to contextualise and understand the complexity of indigenous societies, as well as the need to restitute their memory and representation.

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