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Ep #11.3 The interconnection between bodies and worlds | Worlding Podcast

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On a -9° winters day in Rigor - Latvia, dance artist Agnese Bordjukova shared methods to develop awareness of processes within the human body that can then extend outwards to embrace our surroundings, making sensible the interconnection between bodies and worlds. Agnese often works with ‘non-motion’ such as sleeping or stillness, as a starting point for her choreographies. From this place, she focuses on the intensity of her internal activity which then inspires her to make dance works for video and stage. In this episode we discuss two of her short dance videos: ‘Hear me’ (2017) - a creation about sound generated by the human body and the ‘Loudest place in the world’ (2020) - exploring the topic of freedom and how this is communicated through only the head and shoulders. 

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