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Ep #10.2 When was the last time you changed your mind? | Worlding Podcast

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In her practice of art mediation, Viviane Tabach - a Brazilian curator and mediator - seeks to be porous to the visitors and facilitate the creation of a ‘collective body’, where all participants and entities within the gallery become channels of knowledge. Inspired by Paulo Freire, a Brazilian educator and philosopher, Viviane sees Worlding through the lens of the learning process, as Freire states: “No one educates anyone - no one educates themselves. We educate one another with the mediation of the world”. 

Seeking to expand mediation and foster a shared dialogue, Viviane reflects on her experiences working at documenta fifteen and the 11th Berlin Biennale where she facilitated a tour entitled ‘When was the last time you changed your mind?’ that invited visitors to re-think sensitive topics.

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