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One Line, Then Two, Then A World. With Nadhir Nor

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Hey, B*tch! We're back from a self-induced hiatus. On this week's episode, we're sitting down with illustrator and artist, Nadhir Nor. A wunderkind who has breathed his distinct life and artistic style into the art scene at large in Malaysia and on a global scale, we go over his journey as a creator.

Finding inspiration in music, art, and film to create, we also go over queerness and its impact and purpose for art at large. We hope you enjoy this hour-long rambling, tied together with a smile (wink, wink!) and some critical thinking.

A big thank you to Nadhir for coming on the episode this week. Tune in next week for our episode with Emma Megan Khoo [FKA BarbieMalaya] at 5 P.M.

Follow us on Instagram at, @heybtchpod for our weekly updates. Updates may also include one Yasmin Arisa dancing in apartment lobbies.

Special thanks to Syahira Kamaruddin for steering Hey, B*tch! into its fullest possible potential.

Episode Produced by Alia Soraya & Pravin Nair.

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