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Finding Oneself, Far, Far Away With Thaqif Aris

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This is it. This is all we get. When Yasmin & I began this venture in June, we had some time to retrace our steps all the way back to 2021.

That was when Hey, B*tch was first thought up about. Looking back at it all now, the title was an ironic play on how we used to greet each other at the start of every recording. In 2021 we didn't have a working title. We had a need to talk, and above all else, a dream. This year has been hard for Yasmin and me, and what's helped, through it all, was talking. And talk we did.

9 episodes, 7 guests in total. A whole lot of talking. It's been so great. I don't think either one of us could have asked for it to be any different.

Today, in our season finale, we talk to Thaqif Aris, a dear friend who I personally got to know in the summer of 2020. We go over his journey in studying abroad, at a very structured institution like Cambridge, his ardor for fashion, maintaining relationships, growing up, and finding oneself, while being far far away.

Enjoy this 2-hour long episode and we will be seeing you in the new year. Bye, B*tch!

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