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E245 | The Clips-mas Show

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Episode 245 of the Doc & Jock Podcast is a special one, it's our first ever CLIP SHOW! That's right we have gone back to the vault and dug up 12 of our favorite moments from the 2017 Doc & Jock line-up and pieced them together like a jigsaw puzzle. If you are interested in listening to one of the episodes in its entirety scroll down and click on a link.


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Episode 229 - What I Wish I Had Known with Coach B -

Episode 232 - Danny & Joe Answer Olympic Lifting Questions -

Episode 212 - Dr Andy Galpin -

Episode 198 - Adee Cazayoux -

Episode 156 - Julien Pineau -

Episode 160 - Brian MacKenzie -

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Episode 174 - Kelly Starrett -

Episode 180 - Luke & Tex from Power Athlete HQ -


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