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E244 | Sam Mugavero Talks Kettlebells

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On episode 244 we sit down with Dr. Sam Mugavero to talk about training with Kettlebells. Sam was a two-sport athlete in college at the University of South Carolina. After completing his PhD in Chemistry in 2007, he moved to Atlanta with his wife got his strong first certification and while teaching started Smugs Fitness Outdoor Fitness Program in Barrett Park (College Park, GA), which eventually led to him opening his own gym in Atlanta.

On this Episode we cover the following topics

  • The difference between hardstyle kettlebelling & sport kettlebells
  • The benefit of the 6 main kettlebell exercises
  • Why kettlebell work is completely safe
  • Does kettlebell work need to be complemented with non-sagittal plane movements
  • Jillian Michaels terrible KB Swings (watch here
  • Does kettlebell work help or hurt Olympic lifting

Learn more about Sam & Smug's Fitness here


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