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Indoor Air Quality And The Elephant In The Room, EMF With Martine Davis

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What would you be willing to do in order to get well? My guest today was asked this question after feeling sick for several years and not finding the answers she needed to solve her health problems. In today’s episode, we are discussing the tools and techniques used to perform indoor inspections and testing your indoor air quality. 

Martine Davis is a Building Biologist who owns a consultation and inspection company called Indoor Environmental Testing, she is here on the podcast to talk about indoor air quality, the risks involved in the use of wireless technology and to tell us her own health journey that helps her connect with her clients to assess their indoor environment and find solutions to their indoor air quality issues.

Martine is one of the brightest minds in the mold inspection industry and she is using all her resources and knowledge available to teach people how to do their own testings and find the answers they need to start solving their home’s health. 

Tune in and let’s begin this interesting lesson in this new episode of Manage Mold 

Key points discussed:

  • Introducing Martine Davis and her company Indoor Environmental Testing Inc. (01:00)
  • Discovering the impact of electronics and technology in our health (05:03)
  • How does Indoor Environmental Testing conduct inspections (13:27)
  • Why should people start testing their homes for Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Radiation (15:53)
  • The step by step behind Martine’s mold DNA testing process (23:13)
  • Teaching how to do their own testing and to find the proper help to their air pollution problems (30:55)

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